Why Larry & Zarry Are Not The Same

Watch a more in depth Larry vs Zarry here!

DISCLAIMER: I noticed this post from February 8th still bangs in views, so I’m bringing it back to the forefront of the website. I believe a lot of Larries read this post and are being converted to Zarry, or some of them are deeply wounded and lash out. We love to see it. So, I was challenged with this question by a Larrie stalker, and I want to answer it. Buckle up, it’s a long one.

After taking this viral video down due to real life death threats from Larries, I’m happy to say the relationship expert reuploaded his debunk of Larry Stylinson with a brave message in the description:

The sad thing about Larries is that they’re so desperate for validation from any passing stranger, that they take every tiny slight or debunk to heart, instead of resting assured in their proof and remaining strong in their beliefs. That’s because they know their beliefs are based entirely on lies, half-truths, and rely heavily on mass deciet of the unwitting public.

Therefore, when an unbiased 3rd party debunks their BS and it goes viral, they are out for blood and seek to silence them. What they did to this man last year was evil and despicable. I’m glad he found the gall to repost his debunk video, sending the message that those deranged shippers who threatened his family can all go phuck themselves.

Two quick and major reasons (there are many, many more) that Larry and Zarry are different:

1.) Our proof comes from ZARRY THEMSELVES. We’re not forcing a narrative on them, harassing their friends and families, sending death threats to people who try to debunk our ship, or abusing Gigi so much that she literally has to turn comments off on everything she posts (like Eleanor does.) Also, we can prove our ship with plain truth and FACTS. We are not continuously trying to prove a LIE with tons of manipulated images and clips (pretending they’re real) or with cropped images of people, or mysterious figures conveniently facing the opposite direction to pretend it’s Zayn, or using distorted audio clips, or lying about vital context and locations and dates, or using images of other ships/people and pretending it’s Zarry, like Larries do.

Because Zarry has legitimate, undeniable proof (some of which I will share below) it gives us room and liberty to theorize in an attempt to fill in certain blanks (always within reason in my personal theories — I can’t speak for other Zarries.) The blanks are where our mostly innocuous theories come into place. They are informed by the legitimate baseline of proof we’ve gotten straight from Zayn and Harry.

Larries do not have this. They have never had a sound base of real proof outside of a dead bromance (and Louis copying all of Harry’s tattoos; with Harry never reciprocating.) Larry has never ever been valid or reasonable. It is notoriously unreasonable and at times deranged. It has always been a vicious lie, a mistruth, a source of distress for Harry and his friends/family members (and Louis’), and a ridiculous conspiracy theory about an evil omnipotent management who not only kept them closeted but also kept them from sitting by each other — even though they frequently sat by each other anyway???

2.) Larry has occasionally been fueled by Louis whenever it was advantageous for him (like this past week when he wanted them to stream his music and used Harry’s birthday and tattoos to create hype around it.)

Now, let’s take a brief moment to compare the validity of Zarry vs the invalidity of Larry (at a glance, this is not a deep dive like I could do.)

This is some of Zarry’s most incontrovertible proof (something Larries do NOT have) straight from the horses’ mouths:

Read the story behind this spray-painted metal box here.
He got them tattooed to his skull with the petals touching.


To Watch A Larry Tattoo Debunk Click Here:

Here’s just a sample of Zarry’s real, mutual, and concerted matching tattoos:

Now below let’s look at some key differences in the logic and reasoning of larries vs zarries.

Little Things:

Larry Logic: Harry is singing Little things to Louis! (Uh, no…he isn’t. Watch that here.)

Larry Logic: He is saying “I’m in love with LOU and all HIS little things…” Hmm…how convenient is it that this sounds exactly like the proper lyrics “I’m in love with YOU and all THESE little things”? This is not valid proof of anything because it’s a moot point. He is not saying something that doesn’t sound like the original words. It’s not like you can prove it because he suddenly says “I’m in love with BETH and all HER Little Things.” because that would be easy to distinguish and argue. Unfortunately for Larries, I absolutely can argue that he is IN FACT singing the original lyrics with variations in the enunciation and delivery, since he sings the same song every day all year long. (They want so badly for him to be saying Lou that they hear literally what they want to hear.)

Zarry Logic: Watch our reasoning on the way Harry dedicated Little Things to Zayn here!

The Rose Ring:

Larry logic: Louis got this ring for Harry because he might have been spotted on this one street near a certain store one day.

Zarry logic: These MFs Zayn and Harry were spotted with the exact same ring within months of each other. Harry said his rings were gifts, and Harry only took it off for one day after the mystery guy was at MSG (which we were informed 5 days before that Zayn would be there.)

MSG 2018:

Larry logic: Louis was the one there because Harry was wearing a blue suit.

Zarry logic: Someone told us days before MSG that Zarry would be together on June 22nd. Also, Zayn lives in NYC and for some reason Harry only decided to sing “Still The One” at his NYC show, not at his LA shows where Louis lives. Also, Zayn loves “Still The One” and is admittedly a fan of Shania Twain. Also Zayn posted a pic of himself right before Harry’s show and revealed what he was wearing. It was uncharacteristically dark clothes (he had been wearing bright, vibrant colors all year in 2018) and a beanie in the middle of summer to hide his bright hair. This is all similar to what the mystery vip box man was wearing. Also, after the show Harry took the rose ring off for only one day, and Zayn had that identical ring right before Harry started wearing it.

Harry’s Song Golden:

Larry Logic: The digitally added ECHO (not Harry actually saying it each time) in the bridge says golden 28 times. (Hmm…so basically it was said like only 7 times, and half of those times the word is indiscernible and layered, which means it was done by a PRODUCER, not Harry.)

Zarry Logic: This song must be about Zayn because this is the second mention of brown skin in a 12 track album and Zayn is a brown person. It seems improbable that Harry would mention brown skin in 2 songs of a mere 12 track album if he was talking about a white person and not a brown person. Harry has never openly dated a brown person. Also, Harry responds directly to a lyric in Zayn’s Golden that Zayn repeated 4x with identical language. Also HARRY NAMED HIS SONG IDENTICALLY AFTER ZAYN’S SONG. Golden vs Golden. AND HE ALSO NAMED HIS SONG “SHE” AFTER ZAYN’S “SHE.”

Harry’s song Sunflower Vol 6:

Larry Logic: This song is about Louis because Louis went to Jamaica that one time (with Eleanor btw.)

Sigh, the only TRUE and reasonable Jamaica Connection is a Zarry one:

Zarry Logic: This mf Harry did not just write an entire song about Zayn’s tattoos using specific meticulous language to refer to them and also making the song about Zayn’s obsession with Jamaican culture. On top of using 2 of Zayn’s identical track titles, She & Golden, and releasing his album on the anniversary of Icarus Falls with a feature track on his album called FALLING.

This language only makes sense for Zayn having two sunflowers.

We could seriously go on and on and on about the vast differences in the way Larries reason and the way Zarries reason, and about the validity of Zarry vs the invalidity of Larry, but I’ll stop here and move on to the second point of this post.

PAGE TWO: Louis Using “Larry Stylinson” For Profit

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94 thoughts on “Why Larry & Zarry Are Not The Same

  1. Can we actually call them Larry fans?
    I feel the term Larries should be given to people who are fans of Harry and Louis romantically, although these people just strike me as Louis fans who have no concern for Harry. Yeah they won’t Larry to get together but only because they want what Louis wants and don’t care about Harry.

  2. Thank You A.D for this one. I have so much to say. 1st off I’m so happy some people see Louis the way I have. And it’s not just me 😶. After watching some 1D interviews, I noticed louis say mean stuff sometimes. And he said to Harry , “you do talk alot of sh*t in interviews” to Harry so many times during the interviews and it always got on my nerves. How embarrassing for Harry. And Liam always made fun of Harry’s tone of voice 😒😒. Uuurgh I have seen many earlier interviews were Larries are all googoo gaagaa Larry moments alert 💃💃but if you listened to what was said, how it was said by Louis and Harry’s real time reactions after to them and not that slowed down edited stuff they peddle, it’s all cringe worthy annoying frustrating stuff. Without blue Larry tinted glasses you can truly see that bromance what it was. Even the Zouis bromance. It felt to me like killing 2 birds with one. Gaining popularity by being the bestest of buds with Z & H and c**kblocking them. My opinion (Sorry if anyone is offended).

    1. Sorry so long! But also I’m glad you pointed out Harry was morose after Zayn left. For me he looked like he almost always had a frown on his face since Zayn’s ED, smiled a little bit after Z got better but lost his smile again just before Zayn left. Then he was constantly frowning and detached himself from the rest of the band and seemed almost impatient with the things around him. I saw as if he only became a bit lighter a bit later maybe after the hiatus was approved🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Not a lot, just a little bit. Almost like he could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. (but maybe it was because he & Z had made contact? who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️). Smiled more, laughed some, joking around. But yes when Z left H was different despite Louis’ presence. How this doesn’t register to Larries is beyond ridiculous.

      1. You’ve made many excellent points my dear. Larries are just downright illogical. I’ve given up on imagining the majority of them are capable of making sense or being reasonable

  3. Personally I could never make through any fetus Larry moments cuz they are just so cringe-worthy. Also I kind of like some of Louis’s song (my opinion you don’t have to agree) but to know that he uses Larries to bait them is just unsettling and also a disgrace to his own music. Also that E tattoo on his hand that debuted a few weeks ago I think , I personally haven’t seen the larries talking about it at all ormaybe I haven’t even tried hard to look for it cuz I know it would be utter shit
    Zarry is a far more strong and logical ship than Larry. period !

    1. The Larries say the E tattoo is drawn on and that’s why it comes and goes in photos, instead of it actually being there, but not showing at certain angles.

      There’s something about Louis’ voice that I don’t like, so I can’t get into his music, but he was in a famous band, he had a wildly successful online concert, I would have too much pride to use the larries and Harry to enhance my career if I were him, he’s not without talent and fans.

    2. Personal opinion, Larry have way more logical proof and on this you bringed up the most stupid ones… Like, what about the video diaries? The fact that they are the only ones that can’t interact with each other in 1d? When they said “Love you” to each other? That thing that happened after the Paris interview? The “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson” clip? Tho, even the 2021 Larry proof are huge.. This is not even the 5% of all the Larry proof, which says a lot since you guys can put all the Zarry’s proof in one single website. Okay, just gonna leave this here, think whatever you want guys lol

      1. I tried to leave it alone bc like AD mentioned the low IQ is ur problem. Therefore I’m only going to mention the fact the ur man Louis has called ur points and this cult “fandom” ridiculous, not true, and a conspiracy. I love how u tried to use percentages….Not the brightest but funny! Good luck w ur “theories” 😂hilarious😂 and next time be a better person by staying w ur fandom/bullies bc we cld careless about ur obnoxious opinions.

      2. I agree AD. Why are you even here. Go back where you came from because we deal with the truth over here and obviously you are delusional.

      3. the “proofs” that you have from back in 1D days – especially after 2012 till TODAY – are all bs and cropped out and photoshopped … But you lots believe whatever they feed you… that’s not how it goes… search concerts, interviews, awards ceremonies etc and see what it’s real or not… even yesterday at Harry’s concert in Colorado there are a lot of tweets from Larris saying that Louis was in a VIP box there lol while Louis is in UK .. but you are blindly believe whatever bs rumor spread around … it’s 2018 MSG all over again… anyway… you and the rest of your fandom believe whatever you want, we just don’t a flying f@ck about your opinion and all manip proofs you have.. Stay with those who are praise you for being a Larry and don’t come here again…

  4. I remember watching that relationship expert video when it first came out. I looked back and couldn’t find it and now I know why. It’s utterly ridiculous how Larries ask for his opinion and when he sees it differently (the correct way) they get rude and insult his opinion. They need to leave the world alone and stay in their own at this point. I also took a quick look at the comments, boy these Larries are nuts. When a person says anything questioning Larry being romantic they go off. They make no sense but say there so much proof, and if they r not romantic then they are soulmate friends WTF!!! It’s absolutely crazy and scary. I never realized how terrible they get with ppl. They don’t take Harry or Louis saying it’s not true. Instead they say did u see his face thou!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 it’s 💯 a lost cause.

  5. I remember when I became a Zarry….I started off bc my husband put on a clip of a 1D audition for XFactor (boy does he regret that now LOL). I didn’t realize they auditioned separately, I was so surprised. When we saw Harry audition, I was so impressed. Even my husband said he seemed so confident at 16. It was love from that point on… LOL. So, I was hooked on 1D and Harry and started looking up videos of them. This is when I saw Larry stuff. I watch a few videos, but not for one second did it look like anything but a friendship. I tried to see something, but it was so forced to look romantic felt disturbing to continue watching. It made me uncomfortable. Honestly!!! Then I saw a Zarry clip, and the rest is history. My life changed, and all my free time was full of AD and Zarry! And I don’t regret it!!!! In my opinion all the Larries are Louis fans trying to keep him relevant by using Harry and this “romance”. They know Harry’s got everything; talent, personality and a magnetic appeal. As Zayn said “he’s born for it”. Louis has had much more positive results bc of Larry than on his own and the fans know it. They also have to know it’s such BS… Harry’s face when he saw that photoshopped picture says it all and how it’s completely untrue. Louis himself has called BS. So if Larries still exist and push this narrative, it’s bc they are too young to know real from fake and/or bc unfortunately don’t have faith in Louis’s talent/music and need Harry.

  6. I never have seen first hand that ANY Zarry related video/account/post (even just as a bromance) will without a doubt have multiple Larries posting hateful comments or just wanting to argue over it. IMO if a person is 100% convinced of something and KNOW it to be true they aren’t gonna go out of their way to hate on others or engage in other ships. Like…..why? Lol.
    Anyways for me Louis has always been an enigma. As a fan of both Zayn and Harry as well as a Zarry shipper I could see before watching your Larry debunk videos that Louis liked to “act out.” Previously I’d thought maybe he was hyperactive but as I watched more 1D content it became clear it’s less about being unable to sit still and more on wanting attention. What better way to get attention than to attach yourself to the most beloved band member? PLUS when Harry becomes distant, who does Louis seem to get close with? Zayn. The other popular member of the band who stands out bc of his talent alone. So honestly this post just made it all click for me. I want to like Louis and I do to an extent but as a die hard Harry and Zayn fan it is hard to do. Louis continuously picked fights with Z when he was already struggling with hateful fans who began picking sides once Zayn left. And now Harry who is making a way for himself and becoming a true role model that will be remembered outside of the band, yet Louis can’t seem to let it go and him using the outdated Larry ship is just sad. Sad for Louis but sad for Harry who is making real strides towards his legacy yet it’s as if Louis is consciously trying to undermine that legacy so that in decades to come people will remember Louis as well ONLY bc of his ties to Harry.

    Get your own legacy Louis. No free rides allowed. Thanks for the post AD!

    1. It makes me not like Louis a lot. I would think anyone who gets to the level that One Direction did would have people in it with ambition and drive, good things to have in the music business. Harry and Niall seem to have treated it as One D university and got better at playing instruments, singing and songwriting and made contacts and good impressions with people in music, they both realized what an opportunity they had. I just can’t imagine Louis being okay with his fans feeling sorry for him and thinking he’s a loser, but he is.

  7. If larries want to know if they are in a cult, tell the others you don’t believe anymore and see what happens to you, actually don’t do this, I would feel terrible to think it would make someone’s life more difficult.

    Also, I’ve noticed larries go on Zarry YouTube videos to argue, do Zarries go on larries YouTube videos to argue? Do they come on this website to argue, of course they do, maybe there should be a discussion thread of their comments that don’t get posted because they are abusive.

    1. Lol you’re wonderful and very right about everything. They are a genuine cult, and have scary levels of influence on social media. Also, you’re right, they’re so insecure they stay on my youtube channel commenting, not realizing not a single larry comment has ever seen the light of day. Not a single one of their idiotic blue/green hearts or “why am I here, I’m a larrie” or “Larry forever” comments has ever been seen by the public. It’s so hilarious to watch them try. They don’t realize I wait for them to self-identify as a larrie in any way, and it’s an insta-block. Keeps my comment section clean and a safe space for zarries only and curious people learning about Zarry. 🙂

      1. When you talk about their scary levels of influence, like hacking Wikipedia pages recently to trend Louis music or embarrass his imaginary husband Harry or whatever that was about, there’s a YouTube channel that got copies of secret communication between big Larry blogs May of 2015 and One Direction was going to an awards show and going to be on James Corden and the people running the Larry blogs thought management might try to pull a stunt, so they had a distraction planned to have the fans (larries) request ” No Control” from radio stations demanding it be a single, the other song they discussed doing this with was “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, but since Harry wrote that one, they went with Louis’ song. They also discussed not posting pictures or talking on their blogs about Louis being in bars with women and they didn’t want to post anymore sad and lonely Harry pictures, that was in May of 2015, poor Harry.

        1. That’s so unbelievable 😳 the lengths they will go to in order to prove a total lie smh. Thanks for sharing that info ❤️

          1. The lady who posted the stuff about 2015 was given the stuff in 2018 by a big Larry blogger who’d come to their senses and she said on her YouTube videos that she had more, but I think people would rather live in Larryland than reality. They also talked about reposting cute fetus Larry stuff whenever they felt a stunt coming on, if you ever wonder why 2021 larries are still posting the 2011 picture of Harry holding Zayn’s pinky finger, in close up, and claiming it’s Larry. I would be so angry to find out I’d been lied to.

      2. A.D You are a Queen!!! Thank You for saving us from such misery 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💚

  8. I’m a larrie personally but I read this and I think some of your point are extremely valid and I think marries are too quick to judge zarries and you guys are are so much more respectful than some(most) larries and even if I don’t agree with some of this I really do think you made some valid points:)

  9. Hey A.D.

    Is there a way that we could just like people’s comments in support of what there saying if we don’t have anything to say?

    Love the website.

    Hugs XO

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