Harry Going Nude In My Policeman (Gasp!)

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According to the Mirror, Harold is reportedly set to tackle a few nude scenes for his upcoming movie, My Policeman! He will tackle these purported “sex scenes” opposite of his onscreen lover Patrick (played by veteran actor David Dawson) and apparently isn’t shying away from the notion.

He gets to make out with nude!harry. Let that sink in, and then grab your pitch forks and torches and follow me!

Oh boy! If we thought we might’ve glimpsed jealous!zayn after Harry’s onscreen male lover was finally cast a few months ago, then after this new information I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

I understand some people may be disinclined to trust the Mirror because it can often come off as a sleazy tabloid with zero credibility, and their source remains unidentified and unverified, but just think about this for a minute.

The probability of Harry being nude in a film of this caliber (which is tackling subject matter near and dear to his heart) is actually extremely high. I personally don’t doubt he will do it, not even for a second.

Harry is a bona fide hardcore nudist, remember? He was notorious for it way back in 2010! Imagine how his passion for being nude has evolved over time, especially as he becomes more confident about his body, and more willing to accept himself on all accounts. He is also a huge fan of art in all its forms, and going nude for this role is an artistic way to contribute to the realism and aesthetic of what is sure to be a deeply moving film.

Lol I found this video on YouTube: credit to Alyssa Campbell.

Harry welcomes every opportunity to strip down, which is funny as hell, ngl! (I love how this post just became a convenient excuse to post tons of pictures of Harry scantily clad.)

And let’s not forget Mitch’s impeccable, panty-dropping guitar skills! Harry (the nudist) of course was most the susceptible to Mitch’s musical wiles.

I would love to know your thoughts on this rumor. Do you think it will happen? Or do you think Harry might pass on the onscreen nudity route?

PAGE TWO: Harry Styles Updates!

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114 thoughts on “Harry Going Nude In My Policeman (Gasp!)

  1. what if they use z as a body double during the sex scenes in My Policeman? granted thats a lot of tattoos to cover between the two but damn. the entire crew all hot and bothered and the camera in a melt down. at least thats what im going to imagine when i watch the film

  2. You can really see looking at the outside pictures how “public”even closed set pictures will be. Big part of movie acting involves ignoring the presence of all the people involved in the filming but not actually in the scene being filmed. It’s a kinda wow skill.to have.

  3. ✨🙏🏼🧎🏻‍♀️manifesting zayn getting the most jealous he has ever been watching harry being romantic and NUDE with another man on screen🧎🏻‍♀️🙏🏼✨

    1. I liked your comment, n! Although IMO, I don’t think Zayn will mind watching at all – I actually think he’s going to enjoy it. I don’t think we have a clue about the depth or the kind of chemistry that Harry and Zayn have together. It will only be an issue for Zayn should Harry come out publicly with another male partner. Because then he knows that everyone (who hasn’t already) will put two and two together and tie things back to their time in the band, and the bitterness, and to their lyrics, and then the sh*t will hit the fan. And then what will Zayn do.

  4. Is Harry Styles sticking his tongue out in the “Fine Line” photo? I’m looking on my phone and can’t tell.

  5. A.D

    Personal question. Are you the youtuber Ada on Demand???

    I think its you or at least a friend of yours. Very similar style of presenting your topics.

    Anyway love you


  6. @idkwhy I think they might be worse than flat Earth. I was going to say they have kooks who threaten people, but since AD has been threatened by Zarry kooks, I was always a little smug that Zarries were a little better than larries, but I guess not.

    1. I feel with observations where you don’t have all the information and viewpoints formed from those type of observatinos it good to be open to re-framing, changing and updarting them based on new information. When uou are looking historically with the benefit of hindsight you can be more confident. Assessing current situations is difficult and there risk of extrapolating behaviours based on past that may not apply. What I find it unnerving is when people cling to a notion when the evidence isn’t there to support it or in fact shows the reverse. I’m very respectful of gut instinct based oexperience. Having a strong viewpoint based on strong analysis is good but being flexible and able to adjust are critical skills. Also when you are on the outside of a situation interpreting there is higher risk of not having all the informatino and being blind to internal motivations. Sometimes those you are observing are blind to their own motiviations so that makes it harder. Choosing to peel the onion of our beings and understand ourselves is lifelong project. I’m personally very respectful of gut instinct on the basis of solid experiential evidence of it being on the money with a high level of accuracy i.e. I can trust it. With Larry I can see an initial relationship based on visible evidence but there was an observable deterioration in that relationship and nothing to suggest some of the existing theories have validity. There is for whatever a huge vested interest in that particularl viewpoint but it is quite rigid situation. I personally find it quite uncomfortable. With Zarry again I can see an observable relationship which I think was pretty special that is worth cherishing regardless of what the current situation is and what it becomes. The Zarry vibe is very genuine and natural. Kinda gets you in as something you might wish for yourself but are unlikely ever to experience. There is also a palpable sense of loss pervading the boys; lyrics particularly Harry’s (being more clear) and I think in his case patience and also more prominently hope. It’s hard not want to be there for those feelings and wish that “it” – whatever it actually is – could work out for each of them somehow oin some way. But again I’m on the outside and who knows what really happened and who knows what either of them really want.
      . . . . . .

      1. @idkwhy very well said. I came into this as a Harry fan and just barely knew the names of One Direction when I watched videos of them on X-factor and thought Zayn stared at Harry with almost a stalker intensity, the rest of them rolled around like little puppies or did dumb teenage boy things with each other. I looked into their relationship more just to make sure Zayn didn’t become a stalker. When I watched my first couple videos on Zarry Documentaries, AD said to watch original videos whenever you can, so I did that and, if anything, there was more going on between them. I even watched compilations purposely put together with other band members and Zarry still was the only one that seemed real, the one that seemed next real was Liarry, I was shocked.

        Coming from the general public, I had somehow heard of Larry and that Zayn and Harry didn’t get along, I didn’t know which one was Zayn, that’s why his interest in Harry on the X-factor seemed strange.

        Because I have a lot of Harry stuff on my youtube, Larry stuff started showing up, first off, they need to get better at photoshop, it’s pitiful and I would suspect anything offered by someone using obviously fake images. I have seen Zarry manips, but they are labeled as such. The Larry stuff showing up on my youtube did make me look into them as a ridiculous conspiracy theory, there’s a YouTube channel looking into their theories. My kid was in a religious cult for a few years and that’s why I think the Larry stuff is most annoying, the larries engage in the same tactics as a cult.

        In my personal life, I depend on gut feelings a lot. I’ve been in a 15 year relationship with a fellow I met online and when we met on person, as I was approaching him from behind, I looked at the back of his head and thought he was cute. At least Zayn was staring at Harry’s face. I’ve had bad public break ups with this fellow, but we aren’t famous, so our public isn’t millions of people.

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