Harry Going Nude In My Policeman (Gasp!)

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According to the Mirror, Harold is reportedly set to tackle a few nude scenes for his upcoming movie, My Policeman! He will tackle these purported “sex scenes” opposite of his onscreen lover Patrick (played by veteran actor David Dawson) and apparently isn’t shying away from the notion.

He gets to make out with nude!harry. Let that sink in, and then grab your pitch forks and torches and follow me!

Oh boy! If we thought we might’ve glimpsed jealous!zayn after Harry’s onscreen male lover was finally cast a few months ago, then after this new information I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

I understand some people may be disinclined to trust the Mirror because it can often come off as a sleazy tabloid with zero credibility, and their source remains unidentified and unverified, but just think about this for a minute.

The probability of Harry being nude in a film of this caliber (which is tackling subject matter near and dear to his heart) is actually extremely high. I personally don’t doubt he will do it, not even for a second.

Harry is a bona fide hardcore nudist, remember? He was notorious for it way back in 2010! Imagine how his passion for being nude has evolved over time, especially as he becomes more confident about his body, and more willing to accept himself on all accounts. He is also a huge fan of art in all its forms, and going nude for this role is an artistic way to contribute to the realism and aesthetic of what is sure to be a deeply moving film.

Lol I found this video on YouTube: credit to Alyssa Campbell.

Harry welcomes every opportunity to strip down, which is funny as hell, ngl! (I love how this post just became a convenient excuse to post tons of pictures of Harry scantily clad.)

And let’s not forget Mitch’s impeccable, panty-dropping guitar skills! Harry (the nudist) of course was most the susceptible to Mitch’s musical wiles.

I would love to know your thoughts on this rumor. Do you think it will happen? Or do you think Harry might pass on the onscreen nudity route?

PAGE TWO: Harry Styles Updates!

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114 thoughts on “Harry Going Nude In My Policeman (Gasp!)

  1. what if they use z as a body double during the sex scenes in My Policeman? granted thats a lot of tattoos to cover between the two but damn. the entire crew all hot and bothered and the camera in a melt down. at least thats what im going to imagine when i watch the film

  2. You can really see looking at the outside pictures how “public”even closed set pictures will be. Big part of movie acting involves ignoring the presence of all the people involved in the filming but not actually in the scene being filmed. It’s a kinda wow skill.to have.

  3. ✨🙏🏼🧎🏻‍♀️manifesting zayn getting the most jealous he has ever been watching harry being romantic and NUDE with another man on screen🧎🏻‍♀️🙏🏼✨

    1. I liked your comment, n! Although IMO, I don’t think Zayn will mind watching at all – I actually think he’s going to enjoy it. I don’t think we have a clue about the depth or the kind of chemistry that Harry and Zayn have together. It will only be an issue for Zayn should Harry come out publicly with another male partner. Because then he knows that everyone (who hasn’t already) will put two and two together and tie things back to their time in the band, and the bitterness, and to their lyrics, and then the sh*t will hit the fan. And then what will Zayn do.

  4. Is Harry Styles sticking his tongue out in the “Fine Line” photo? I’m looking on my phone and can’t tell.

  5. A.D

    Personal question. Are you the youtuber Ada on Demand???

    I think its you or at least a friend of yours. Very similar style of presenting your topics.

    Anyway love you


  6. @idkwhy I think they might be worse than flat Earth. I was going to say they have kooks who threaten people, but since AD has been threatened by Zarry kooks, I was always a little smug that Zarries were a little better than larries, but I guess not.

    1. I feel with observations where you don’t have all the information and viewpoints formed from those type of observatinos it good to be open to re-framing, changing and updarting them based on new information. When uou are looking historically with the benefit of hindsight you can be more confident. Assessing current situations is difficult and there risk of extrapolating behaviours based on past that may not apply. What I find it unnerving is when people cling to a notion when the evidence isn’t there to support it or in fact shows the reverse. I’m very respectful of gut instinct based oexperience. Having a strong viewpoint based on strong analysis is good but being flexible and able to adjust are critical skills. Also when you are on the outside of a situation interpreting there is higher risk of not having all the informatino and being blind to internal motivations. Sometimes those you are observing are blind to their own motiviations so that makes it harder. Choosing to peel the onion of our beings and understand ourselves is lifelong project. I’m personally very respectful of gut instinct on the basis of solid experiential evidence of it being on the money with a high level of accuracy i.e. I can trust it. With Larry I can see an initial relationship based on visible evidence but there was an observable deterioration in that relationship and nothing to suggest some of the existing theories have validity. There is for whatever a huge vested interest in that particularl viewpoint but it is quite rigid situation. I personally find it quite uncomfortable. With Zarry again I can see an observable relationship which I think was pretty special that is worth cherishing regardless of what the current situation is and what it becomes. The Zarry vibe is very genuine and natural. Kinda gets you in as something you might wish for yourself but are unlikely ever to experience. There is also a palpable sense of loss pervading the boys; lyrics particularly Harry’s (being more clear) and I think in his case patience and also more prominently hope. It’s hard not want to be there for those feelings and wish that “it” – whatever it actually is – could work out for each of them somehow oin some way. But again I’m on the outside and who knows what really happened and who knows what either of them really want.
      . . . . . .

      1. @idkwhy very well said. I came into this as a Harry fan and just barely knew the names of One Direction when I watched videos of them on X-factor and thought Zayn stared at Harry with almost a stalker intensity, the rest of them rolled around like little puppies or did dumb teenage boy things with each other. I looked into their relationship more just to make sure Zayn didn’t become a stalker. When I watched my first couple videos on Zarry Documentaries, AD said to watch original videos whenever you can, so I did that and, if anything, there was more going on between them. I even watched compilations purposely put together with other band members and Zarry still was the only one that seemed real, the one that seemed next real was Liarry, I was shocked.

        Coming from the general public, I had somehow heard of Larry and that Zayn and Harry didn’t get along, I didn’t know which one was Zayn, that’s why his interest in Harry on the X-factor seemed strange.

        Because I have a lot of Harry stuff on my youtube, Larry stuff started showing up, first off, they need to get better at photoshop, it’s pitiful and I would suspect anything offered by someone using obviously fake images. I have seen Zarry manips, but they are labeled as such. The Larry stuff showing up on my youtube did make me look into them as a ridiculous conspiracy theory, there’s a YouTube channel looking into their theories. My kid was in a religious cult for a few years and that’s why I think the Larry stuff is most annoying, the larries engage in the same tactics as a cult.

        In my personal life, I depend on gut feelings a lot. I’ve been in a 15 year relationship with a fellow I met online and when we met on person, as I was approaching him from behind, I looked at the back of his head and thought he was cute. At least Zayn was staring at Harry’s face. I’ve had bad public break ups with this fellow, but we aren’t famous, so our public isn’t millions of people.

  7. Waiting for that fine friday when Z’s gonna drop a song named ‘no one can fuck you better than I’ 😌

    1. Zayn is going to regret the day that Harry walked out of his life, he will never have someone like Harry love him the way Harry did. It is such a shame, I feel so bad for Harry. I pray that both of them find happiness with or without each other,

  8. I just think about all of the time he’ll be in makeup getting his tattoos covered up and who will be assigned that difficult job….

    1. especially since I feel there will be tattoos maybe (ying yang tattoo?) somewhere on his body that we dont normally get privy too

  9. Soon we’ll see some article like Yolanda hadid ‘accidently’ revealed that Zayn and Gigi are getting married to complete the picture perfect family.Maybe during movie premiers or something.Gigi doesn’t want Harry in Limelight especially if it is related to Zarry🙄🙄🙄

  10. I don’t know about you, but I can totally picture Harry asking Timothée “hey mate emmm, how is it? You know, make out with a man in a movie?, everybody watching and everything” 🤪

    Thank you for all the examples of Harry’s nudity 😌.

    Btw, can you please register your book on Goodreads? I need to mark it as “read it” like 3 times for my reading challenge 🤣

  11. Z will flip his shit and lose his mind. I don’t know how I missed one of your posts, but it was the one where you talked about the Grammy diss being Zayns jealous reaction to the casting of the part of Patrick. I never thought about that but it makes sense to me. I couldn’t reconcile why on the one hand Z would make such a diss at this particular point in time like you said AD and then still be doing these little things like the pearl bracelet and the bode and no labels on the other hand. But it makes sense that if in a fit of jealousy he acted on impulse and not out of maliciousness when he tweeted the Grammy diss. He just reacted. That makes more sense. Z is such a mystery all by himself yeah.🤔

  12. I think I would be more surprised if he didn’t have any nude scenes in My Policeman! The book is such a gorgeous story and It obviously means a lot to Harry. I would imagine he would want to give a very honest performance. Does anyone know if Harry had anything to do with getting the book adapted for film? I’ve been very curious about this. Knowing that he read the book long, long before he was ever cast to star in the film makes me feel like he had his hand in getting the Film into being… which would make my heart burst if that’s the case. On the other hand, if he didn’t and was just simply cast, then I’d say that certainly is magical. So dying to see it!

  13. On the assumption that Zayn and Harry continue to communicate, Zayn is probably well aware of the love scenes. That’s not to say the nudity wasn’t added recently. Zayn could even be in London. But with Harry being so loud with Gucci and nude love scenes, a Zigi pap walk is probably coming. Or an engagement. Or another baby.

    1. that’s what I was gonna post right now… has anyone has a close up at the ring in the right hand of H’s, where the peace ring used to be??? It seems to be similar to the one that Z wore in TBA video (zarry googles on)

    2. Yup, a silver band it seems on his right hand middlefinger but it might even be the good old peace ring (it seems more shiny tho) since he’s wearing a lot of his old rings – on his left hand ofc, but also – on his right hand ringvinger the golden cross ring? 👀 and on his pinky possibly the tiger ring that he wore in correspondence to Z’s and his tats…

      Buttt idk when this was shot and it is a Gucci campaign after all so some of the Gucci rings he probably had to wear (but I don’t see the obligation for the peace ring/new random silver band on thát finger so that would be his choice to bring it back or start anew 😏)

      1. oke so I should probably stop overanalyzing the rings every damn time lol I didn’t even notice how this was possible filmed way back 🥴

  14. First thing firts! I was eagerly waiting for this article. Thank you AD. I must have checked this site at least 15 to 20 times today.
    So, I was extremely happy to read this news, moments after it got published. Tbh, I love this H: bold, brave & babe.
    I kind of feel like he isn’t doing it to make Z jealous or something. I have a gut feeling that H is doing it for himself. He wants to be comfortable in his own skin, publicly. Honestly, I love it. We all love it.
    I am happy he is showing both his side through the two films he is working on since the pandemic.
    Since concerts aren’t in play since and for sometime, he wants to creatively involve himself in some form of art. So, cinema!
    Through the films he wants to show us his personality, also inspiring many to be comfortable in their own skin.
    Additionally, its a form of diversion of mind, especially after baby.
    Making music meant breaking his heart and courage, more than ever. So, participating in the visual art and mixing with people helped cope with anxiety and insecurities.
    To be frank I am more excited about My Policeman than DWD. I hope both do well. But I have developed a soft corner for MP.
    I don’t really expect a solid reaction from Z, because he isn’t ready to leave it all behind. I hope H finds the true himself during MP, just like Ronen Rubenstien and Rafael Silva while working on their series 9-1-1 lonestar. #Tarlos

    1. 🙌🏼 Everything you said. I’m on the same page, I think Harry took this role for himself, to grow as an artist and a person, and probably express/magnify some difficult emotions from his life (*cough*).
      And I completely agree on him turning to acting as a form of (vital) diversion after the last year (years?). I’m sure that there’s still be some songs on his new album that will crush our heart, but I hope there’s happy themes as well (moving on, realizing his value, finding himself, finding love…). 🙏🏼

      1. Harry’s said in a few interviews that he prefers to be working and busy . He said something like “nice to have a job again” when he was doing early HS1 promo. Harry’s just not someone who can sit around doing “nothing”. I feel Harry’s taken movie roles in films that mean something to him … would rather have Ariel than Prince Eric 🙂 Really glad he’s had these project come up that interest him when touring became impossible. HS3 will be a standout no doubt but might be a little while coming as he’s still got to complete FL tours.

  15. As if this wasn’t all too much Harry has been shortlisted for the British LGBT Awards 2021 in the Music Artist category! 🏳️‍🌈

      1. Your welcome love❤️. Harry is so loud lately. I feel like something bigger is coming and I think it has nothing to do with Holivia. I don’t know about any others but after the last photos Holivia is far from a romantic and real relationship for me. In particular, the fact that Olivia was wearing a different piece of Harry’s outfit in each of the 3 photos we took in a row reminded me of Harry’s PR relationships that you mentioned earlier.So it seemed a little strange to me, in those walks I saw two friends instead of two lovers

        1. I really don’t feel this. None of that pictures was HD or from paparazzi. It was fans. And one time it was night and they holding hands. It looked more couple to me than Zigi. Plus, it was his weekend of, all pictures near his house…or from fans. I don’t wanna be like Larries and think that everything he do is fake. Zayn made his choise…I want Harry to be happy. Olivia is awesome. If he needs to move on, I think Oliva is good choice. Zayn should be Jelaous of her. Finally someone who is not afraid to adore him openly. Even do all the world is against it.

          1. I’m not against anything but as a couple they seem off. Why not one picture of the front? Do fans only take/want back pictures? Its weird that those are the photos to prove a relationship. Just walking, never stopped anywhere, just walking. And when they do go somewhere, it’s a source that saw them, no pictures but just a story to sale. It’s all weird. Oh and I love Olivia and thought she was pretty hardcore before Holivia. But why wear this bright pink hat that is obviously connected to Harry if ur being low key. I mean any person walking past is gonna notice such a hat and if it’s a fan they will be so quick to see if it’s “them”. And it didn’t look like hand holding it was linked arms. Which makes it a little less coupled up. I personally don’t see it. It’s seems too obvious while trying to look not obviously, if that makes sense. To me she comes off with a maternal vibe and Harry is soaking in all her knowledge/life lived while helping her out too. I definitely could be wrong but I really don’t see a NEW couple finally spending time together vibe.

            1. They are not teenagers, and the way they act is part of being low key. But they spend a lot of time together. Pink beane is in fact hers, it is brand of her friend. Clothes never come to media (like everything Gigi do is to go to media), only fans know that. If they are stunt, they will call Papps. If they are just friends, then they are really close…they get all this hate from public and do nothing to stop it. We will see…but I really can not remember when I saw Harry holding hands with someone, or someone sitting in his lap. Živi have baby but still Holivia looks more real to me.

                1. I remember seeing her with a pink hat. I’m saying that it calls attention and the pictures that ppl mostly recognize are the ones when Harry was wearing a pink hat when they were out walking back in January. I’m not sure about the teenage comment but all I’m saying is it looks like a close friendship. I also remember Harry having non pap photos with Kendall on his lap and one with his hand on her leg. Not including those boat pictures. I definitely agree that Zigi is different. It seem so PR with her posting clothes, pap walks etc. I do think what H and O have is deeper but I think that’s bc Olivia. She is super cool and fun but also seems super smart, driven, is a real bad ass activist, and a mom. She is so interesting without Harry. I personally don’t hate them, I just dont see that chemistry of a couple especially new that’s all. Neither of them have ever commented on their relationship, so we won’t know until it is. But what they have shown me, like some say u only get noticed when u want to, seems friends.

              1. Olivia was sitting on Harry’s Laps in the car where they did the pap walk with all their other friends, Olivia has also been papped driving Harry’s car . Unless it’s a family member l don’t see who else “shares cars” other than couples

                1. Never scene the pictures of O driving Harry’s car but I’ve driven my friends car. It means he trusts her, and u don’t have to be a couple to trust someone. I don’t judge a couple by that, I personally just look at their interactions, and body language etc… not she sat on his lap in a car that was full. Or she drove his car before. Back in November when Olivia was talking with Jason…it was hard to watch and not see the love. She especially was flirting with her body, tilting her head, the look etc. I don’t she that with Harry. At least not yet, we don’t get a lot of interactions.

                  1. Agreed definitely agreed that Jason and Olivia had chemistry. In the DWD That’s A Wrap picture they look friendly but there is definitely physical gap between them as in she’s physically bent away from him. Maybe it’s a height difference them but it looks odd.

          2. If he is with Olivia, then I am happy for him and her. She is an amazing person. She made a documentary short film about the ebola outbreak in Liberia that got an Oscar nomination. So talented, fierce, deep and loving.

          3. @Amy I like that you called her Olivia, I don’t like, for myself, to call another woman a ho, unless she steals my boyfriend and Olivia has never met my boyfriend, so I’ll call her Olivia.

            Harry might not be the love struck teenager, he used to be and he might never look like he did around Zayn and it might be because everyone else isn’t Zayn, I’m pretty sure there’s just one. I think H looks a little wooden around people because he knows he’s being watched and/or photographed and if he holds someone’s hand, it crashes the internet and trends worldwide on twitter and that person gets called awful names by larries, I picture him having to have a conversation with any woman or man who stands next to him that they can expect to be attacked online and watched outside his home or theirs either by paparazzi or Larries, who would sign up for that? No wonder he took his manager to the Grammys and his sister to the Brits.

            I read an anti Larry blog from time to time and the larries are kooks. They have this crazy conspiracy theory that Louis and Harry are married and in love and don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other and they have fake houses and real houses and the larries publish addresses to try to catch the real people doing stuff they think interferes with their imaginary world. When the band was still together, Harry went to a public birthday party for Louis’ sister with his friend Xander and the larries attacked both Harry and Xander for being on a date in front of his (imaginary) husband Louis.

            1. The larry stuff is mind boggling at this point. I think they have surpassed Qanon on conspiracy theories at this point. It’s just bizarre. I totally agree about Harry being reserved because he knows he’s being watched. Regardless of the nature of their relationship, he seems to genuinely like Olivia and that’s a nice thing.

              1. @angiev Qanon comment is funny and sad. The larries get on live chats with people who know Harry and ask if Larry is real, Lizzo told them it was a conspiracy theory and in real life celebrities are boring as hell. Part of their narrative is that Harry isn’t as successful as his (imaginary) husband Louis and the band will get back together or Harry stays home, I’m not sure, so whenever there’s a post about something good about Harry, they find a way to attach Louis to it, the guy from Oasis posted an old pic having a beer with Harry and the larries bombed the comments asking where Harry’s husband was because he’s a big fan of Oasis. They are fascinating and crazy.

            2. Definitely a delusional element there. The vested interested in maintaining the fantasy over the reality is kinda scary. Akin to flat earth maybe??

  16. So curious what press is going to be like for this film and if Harry will open up about a few things.
    Stuff like “what drew you to the role?” “How could you identify with the character?” are standard questions for any movie. I wonder if he will answer them truthfully or evade them in the way he does with a lot of questions.

    I’m sure he’s thought a lot about this and that could be a great vehicle for him to talk about a few things (not zarry related though, I don’t think he would do that)

    1. I know right. I’m so scared of how he might react, especially if the news of the nudity is confirmed before the movie.

  17. WHO IS GOING TO TOP IS THE REAL QUESTION and oh boy am I ready to see zayn lose his shit poor him lmao but yass harryy

  18. Sooo we’re gonna get nudes from G soon (or maybe an accidental picture of baby’s face) 😑😝 and some tweet from Z…

  19. I think something big will happen soon. I don’t think harry is completely done with zayn. I think when this movie comes out, people are going to speculate about his sexuality again, listen to his music again and connect the dots.

  20. Reposting my earlier thoughts, it bears repeating anyhow. I need Zayn to lose his shit over this and show some kind of passionate display that we know is about Harry. Did he ever love him? I Dunno anymore but I suspect he is jealous as hell over Harry’s career (and choices he’s making involving other men.)
    As for me wanting to see him nude? Well, I can handle seeing his butt cheeks since we’ve all had the pleasure thanks to Zayn. But if it’s frontal…I don’t think so. Some things about him I need to remain a mystery to save my sanity. 😉

      1. @cazeldarose I am ashamed of myself for what I am about to say (type). Harry is literally the total package. I watched the One Direction journey on youtube and thought to myself, if the youngest person in the X-factor house feels comfortable strolling around naked, he might have something more than charm and a dazzling personality going on.

  21. He is going to lose it completely and ask G. To marry him. He is very impulsive. HOPE I AM WRONG ABOUT THIS.

  22. ZAYN a true Capricorn to the core. They can be emotionally unavailable and come across very cold and detached!!! But deep down they hurt! ZAYN will definitely be throwing all his toys out the pram for sure. 🤣🤣!!! Be throwing a big strop as well! I bet Gi*I is in for a treat!! 🤣🤣

  23. Absolutely possible. It’s not a Hollywood movie. It’s more common with male nude scenes here. (Here, as in, in Europe) 😀

  24. I was a little surprised to hear it only because there wasnt really much nudity or detailed sex scenes in the book and I was a little disappointed in it to be honest. Totally think hes going all out for this movie and probably suggested more sex scenes 😂. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Poor Zayn, its gonna be torture for him. Lol

      1. I have a feeling something big will happen soon. I don’t think harry is completely done with zayn. I think when this movie comes out, people are going to speculate about his sexuality again, listen to his music and connect the dots.

      1. 100% he would. Without any hesitation. Since reading the book, I’d say it calls for it. We will see what they write in.

      2. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. 100% he’ll go for it! He’s always all in. And Z, he’s a wild card, knowing Z will b watching…Harry will b Oscar worthy!

        1. I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing. He is doing all he can to elicite a response from Z all while seemingly going about his business. I’m sure H is the one who made sure the info about the nude scenes made it’s way into the news. As for Holivia, I say they’re friends and they’re discussing work, whether it be DWD or Harry seeking advice about MP. Friend zone. I cannot wait to see Z’s response to this news – wish I could be a fly on the wall over at El Rancho Del Zigi – or really I wish I could be a cameraman on the set of MP during H’s love scenes 🥵🤤 I digress. I’m with all of you, I’ll be watching closely for Z’s next moves. If he gets engaged to the amazon I’m done!

      3. I definitely think Zayn will react..possibly in a surprising way. He might have realized that the “baby “ issue was going too far and anything else he does involving Gigi could and should push Harry away for good. If he hasn’t done so already. My guess is more “desperate and sad” instead of “angry and vengeful”.

        1. I agree. Zayn should choose his next steps carefully if he doesn’t want to push H further away. And he should have freaking started years ago. At some point with heartbreak, there’s a shift. It’s not about enduring anymore, it’s about self-preservation and holding to some parts of your character like your life depends on it (and it literally does). I think H has reached this point, and I hope Z understands it – if it’s not already too late

          1. I think that Z will definitely react to this. The 1 thing that neither H or Z can take is each involved with another man even if it is a movie. I think this is H’s last attempt to get Z to show H that he cares and admit the truth. I’m betting it will be a huge reaction on Z part. Other women never mattered to Z because he truly doesn’t care about them other than as a pawn in his PR game for his image. I am betting he will not be able to hold it together when and if H goes through with this. I truly think H is doing this for himself and not to hurt Z. Harry is seeking his true self and I hope Z will show us try feelings for H if he has any.

    1. I’m here for it and Zayn will definitely be pissed. There’s something about david’s face that reminds me of Zayn. Is it just me?

      1. No you’re right, I totally see what you mean. Almost something melancholic in his eyes, which puts me in the mind of zayn.

      2. @RJP, tysm for pointing out.Every one was like, how his seemed like Louis’s, because facially, he does, but to me David’s photographic demeanour seems to be like Zayn.

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