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New Novel

Historical Romance

I have a non-Zarry novel that I’ve been working on for many years that I would like to share with you all soon. It will hopefully be available in a few months. Please scroll down to learn more about the story and the main characters below!

Updates: @ad_novels on Instagram and Wattpad

The Story: Untitled

The Protagonist: Ember

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Zheng Kerou
Zheng Kerou
10 days ago

Hey ad, I requested to follow you on instagram. Could you please allow me. Also can’t wait for Ember!!

12 days ago

Oh my God, I remember you talking about this in one of your q and a videos, you sounded really excited. Can’t wait to read it! Also, the first picture, IS GORGEOUS!!

12 days ago

I love Ember already. Most historical novels have a simpering damsel in distress who let’s the guy walk all over her. Waiting in wings for Prince Charming to acknowledge her. And she’ll still do anything for him while he treats her like a doormat! I love how strong Ember already sounds. Yes females didn’t have many rights and say but back then, (even in some places now), but there are woman in history who stood their ground, stood up for themselves and others. Yes you say she’s troublesome and I like that about her already cause it sounds like she doesn’t conform to what’s considered the “norm”. I love her already and can’t wait to read them. Thank You for sharing her with us.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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