The Worst Thing About Larry Is….

Please fill in the blank.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had awful experiences with Larry and Larries before, whether that be the laughable content; the thousands of sock accounts they hide behind day in and day out, spamming and corroding the Information Superhighway; the superfluous use of blue and green hearts; the cringy and moronic tHeOrIEs; the deliberate obtuseness; and worst of all: the lies, stealing, stalking, bullying, harassing, and cult-like mentality.

I want to examine this closely. You know I’ve never been one to shy away from researching deplorable people or disturbing subject matter:

Therefore, I want to delve head-first into this dreadful social phenomenon called “Larry Stylinson” and get to the bottom of what started it, what sustains it, and then ultimately debunk it.

Video Series Topics:

The Inception Of Larry

Why Larry Is A Conspiracy Theory And A Cult ( aka: “tHe mOsT pOpUlAr sHiP”)

How Louis Tomlinson Inadvertently Created and Sustains Larry

How Louis Tomlinson Gaslights and Exploits Its Followers

Harry’s Reluctant Role In All Of This

Why Larries Are Intellectually And Morally Bankrupt

Major Larry Debunks

The Truth About Larry vs Zarry

How You Can Help:

I wanted to do a special segment about the way Larries stalk, harass, bully, and threaten individuals so that I can prove how intellectually and morally bankrupt many of them are. So I’m curious about some of the experiences people have had with Larries or even the subject of Larry across the internet.

While some Larries may only be misled victims of this cult’s most vicious members who spin lies and deranged headcanon like their lives depend on it, the rest of them knowingly propagate lies and half-truths, and are FACTUALLY stalkers, thieves, liars, harassers, and have threatened innocent people’s lives. Both private citizens and celebrities.

For example, the love of Louis Tomlinson’s life (the sweet and unproblematic Eleanor Calder who is his Day One) had to limit the comments on her IG posts indefinitely because of Larries.

160K likes and only 2 comments. How tragic.

Another major example of them harassing and threatening an individual was this relationship expert named Anthony Recenello, Larries begged him to analyze Larry Stylinson (it was his most requested video of all time) and once he did so, thoroughly debunking it as a romance, hordes of scorned Larries formed a lynch mob and began bullying him and threatening his life and family to such an extent he had to delete the video.

Thankfully, he later found the courage to restore the video to YouTube because he believes it contains an important message with regard to the LGBTQ community.

The message he wrote after putting the video back up:

If you’ve had an experience like the ones listed above with a deranged Larrie or many Larries, please share it below. Please also share if you’ve ran across any of their demented lies or if you’ve ever been duped by their fake “proofs” and deceptively edited photos. If you would like me to use your name in the case that I reference your comment in the video, please indicate so below.

I’ve personally had too many negative experiences with Larries across all platforms to even begin to list them here, but I’d appreciate hearing your stories and your personal debunks! I would also love to hear from former Larries who finally saw the light. Thank you all 🙂

Larry Is Not Real. I’ll Prove It:

Here is a head-start on my views about Larry, especially as they pertain to Zarry:

Here is a series of highly requested videos that I made early on in my Youtube experience where I went through and fundamentally debunked Larry as a romance, proved it was nothing more than a fleeting bromance (that Harry came to regret) and compared it to Zarry (which is genuinely not comparable in any way.) I will revisit these thoughts in the upcoming series and expound upon them:

Here is an old set of videos where I debunked Larry’s “matching tattoos” and proved Zarry’s:

Not A Proper Debunk But One Is Coming

Louis disrespecting Harry’s mother while Zayn went out of his way to respect and protect her.

Ziam Debunks:

All The 1D Boys & Musicians Knew About Zarry:

Harry Kisses His Hearts For Zayn And Only Zayn:

Zarry’s matching lyrics are heartfelt, intentional, and mutual like their tattoos (not one-sided done by one party to infringe and appropriate someone else’s truth for personal gain while the real parties are still too afraid to speak it.)

I’m going in and I expect the first video to be out by the end of December. Godspeed.

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