Gigi’s Idiotic Request For Khai (Rant)

“We want her to live as normal a life as possible without having to worry about a public image that she didn’t ask for.”


I tried to avoid this clownery, I really did. But people keep talking about it, and I needed quick and easy content for today, so here we are.

THIS IS PRIVILEGE AT PLAY. Bare-faced and moronic. I’m just appalled that someone could be so entitled as to ask the entire world to blur her baby’s face in photographs just because she wants to take her outside to “sEe nEw yOrK”??? Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me she’s kidding??

If you don’t want your baby to be seen, don’t bring her outside in public, and if you absolutely must bring her outside, don’t walk down the street with her, and if you must walk down the street with her, then keep her covered up. It’s that simple. Personal responsibility. Those are all things YOU can do to fix this false dilemma you’ve created for yourself. Don’t pawn it off on the entire world to deal with YOUR problem as if the general public is obliged to help you with YOUR parenting.

Stop thinking the world owes you special treatment just because you’re a “mama.” Stop trying to act like a superwoman who is the first person to ever have a baby and who needs to revolutionize what it means to have a famous baby in New York. Also stop trying to act virtuous, it’s incredibly cringe and transparent. Also, stop trying to use your baby to gain sympathy by creating a false dilemma around her where you must “cover her uber expensive stroller in public” to protect her from the world. Just fucking stop. This is batshit crazy at this point. What laughable, first-world, elitist problems that no one on this planet with real problems gives a fuck about. (Sort of like Zayn whining about how unfair the Grammys are.)

It’s no one else’s fault that you choose to stifle and smother your baby in public, while also being dumb enough to expose her day in and day out to MILLIONS of followers online. Khai is exposed to far more creeps, pedos, haters, and deranged fans (who stan babies) on your Instagram account than she would ever be on a walk down the street in New York; even if she was photographed by a pap or two.

It’s not like they’re going to jam their camera down into the stroller to get a good angle. It’ll be no different than what she has already experienced on those stupid staged pap walks with her uber famous daddy and mommy needing to be out pushing her around together. The only difference is that people will see her face. Why is that a bad thing? Especially when they have seen her crib, her room, her clothes, her entire body, and the back of her head 8,000 times. Whether her face is showing or not people still know who she is, because YOU have intimately acquainted the world with exactly how she has looked through every stage of her development thus far. Oh, and did you happen to forget you’ve already exposed her freaking face?? People can’t unsee it now.

Whether paps are present or not, other passersby will see her and still know she’s your baby, fool. She can never not be famous. That ship sailed when you went on Jimmy Fallon to talk about her before she was even born. That is not something that was necessary in the least, and it was not something a mom preoccupied with protecting her child’s identity would have done.

Also, moms concerned with protecting their child from the public don’t go to Vogue and ask to be made into a cover star just because they had a baby (something billions of other women have done since the dawn of time.) I suspect you couldn’t resist that level of exposure because you needed the praise to feel validated as a mom, and so you prioritized your desperation for relevance over your daughter’s need for “privacy.” And you continue to draw attention to her and clue the world in about her existence by talking about her on the biggest platforms known to mankind.

Side Note: Not surprising at all that this came after Harry’s historic, record-breaking Vogue Cover that went hella viral in December 2020.

No one on this planet has a right to demand that the entire world look away from them when they go out in public, especially not famous people. Gigi and Zayn chose fame. And she openly lusts after attention like a two-bit—

History has proven she is a textbook social climber and an opportunist who positioned herself to become as famous as possible at every turn. Everything she does is for press and attention. How dare she try to pretend otherwise now?? Together she and Zayn have exploited their relationship in the press and major publications and for multiple brand deals for years. Too bad so sad, you now get what you asked for.

They had a baby together, so the child becomes fair game to the same public scrutiny, especially if you constantly flaunt her online 24/7. She will not have a normal life. You demolished her ability to “consent to being famous” when you decided to have her in the first place. And you have already stolen her consent to participate in your bullshit, socially exploitative lifestyle the second you posted her online to your MILLIONS of fans, instead of keeping her private and sharing her images amongst close friends and family like a mother who was truly concerned for her child’s privacy would.

“We want her to live as normal a life as possible without having to worry about a public image that she didn’t ask for.”


This bish is tweaking. I’m starting to think she’s on something, genuinely. There is something wrong with this woman.

YOU ruined all hopes of Khai having a normal life the second you posted her online to millions of celeb-obsessed-sickos (and plan to continue doing so as she grows up.) If Khai was out-of-sight/out-of-mind no one would be talking about her or thinking about her, but that’s precisely what Gigi’s TRUE dilemma is.

Khai is her only hope for relevance apart from Zayn, so she can’t actually do what it would take to truly protect Khai from the public, because it would require hiding her from her Instagram account altogether, and why on earth would people click on her IG if Khai and Zayn aren’t being posted about??? She’s trying to have the best of both worlds (like someone else we know) trying to pretend to be a supermommy sensitive to her daughter’s needs, while also exploiting her for clout. That is undeniably exactly what’s happening. She deserves no sympathy for her absurd, attention-seeking ploy.

If you want an example of how a parent should behave if they want to protect their child from the public and not build unnecessary hype around her by dangling her faceless body before millions everyday like a psychotic person, then look no farther than her theoretical father: Zayn Malik. The way he handles himself online and the way he has handled the baby shows that either:

1) It’s not really his baby and so he’s not concerned with her and therefore doesn’t post about her, or 2) He genuinely doesn’t want to expose her to his millions of followers because he knows doing so would be irreparably damaging, and would also be subjecting her to something she cannot consent to.

You choose for yourself what his motives may be for not posting her. (I have a third option for why he doesn’t post about her, but it’s too controversial to talk about hahaha) The point is, regardless of whatever his motive may be for not posting Khai to his millions of followers, he manages to walk the walk about keeping Khai away from the public eye, while Gigi is all talk.

Excerpt from my old post because I’m too tired to articulate it again:

“Even with someone as innocent as a baby, she too is being used as a pawn in this twisted game. For Zayn she is a coverup for the aspects of his life he doesn’t want the public to know about. She is also an achievement for his family to feel satisfied he is on the right path and following the dictates of convention. For Gigi, she is perpetual leverage used on IG to gain media attention and praise. We have seen her utilize that leverage nonstop since before the baby was born.

Imagine holding your super fragile few-weeks-old baby like this and not supporting her neck, just so you can take a fucking mirror selfie. But hey, priorities!

If she actually cared a modicum about protecting her child from the media, she would not post her at all. But gasp, that would require the sacrifice of not being praised continually in the comments and in articles for what an amazing supermom she is!

No one is saying she can’t take as many pictures of her child as she wants, but she needs to drop the bullshit act of hiding her face to “protect her” when she is still willfully exposing her nonstop (without her consent) to the very people she claims to be protecting her from, all for the sake of attention and likes. Someone needs to call out the bullshit.

“We’re so pRiVaTe we’re not gonna show her face to protect her from the fans and the media and help her live a nOrMaL liFe. But I’m still just gonna post her like 5000 times to the media and fans in the first few months of her life.”

This is all such a crock of horseshit, This “request” is basically her saying “I want to exploit my baby for clicks and views and attention but I don’t want anyone else to.” That’s all this is, the nonsensical drivel of a narcissist.

Funny how she can compose an entirely useless essay about her baby’s face, but can’t speak out to condemn a public figure who physically and verbally assaulted her manz and baby daddy, calling him a homophobic slur. Nor has she called out her dingy sister for hanging with him publicly afterwards. Gigi’s priorities are fucked.

The entitlement on this chick is appalling?? “Edit all your pictures exactly the way I want you to simply because I want it and you should give me what I want or else you’re a bad person.” Sorry, you don’t get to take such liberties, Jelena. Paparazzi are not going to adhere to this request (maybe all except the ones you personally call to record you walk 100 feet outside your door to grab grilled cheese. Sigh.)

If you don’t want Khai to ever be seen, buy her a mask or a paper bag. I promise that the first time that child is taken out uncovered, it’s fair game. Paparazzi are heartless vultures who stalk, harass, and exploit celebrity’s lives day in and day out in pursuit of the almighty dollar. They do not care about you questioning their integrity. Getting exclusive photos and videos of celebs and anyone surrounding them is their bread and butter. They will not hesitate for a second to photograph Khai’s face and sell it to the highest bidder. It is inevitable and it will happen.

The worst part about all this is that Khai is innocent and helpless, but she has such a moron for a mom that a bounty has just been placed on this poor girl’s head after Gigi’s post. Cloaking her in enigma and making her “mysterious” will only serve to drive more attention her way. Even a baboon could figure that out. Why do all this instead of just treating her like a normal celebrity kid, showing her face, and moving on with your lives following which the public would move on too. You are not the first celebrity to have a baby!! Get over yourself. No one is going to care about the situation after Khai’s face is seen. They’ll all move on to some degree and take occasional pics of her that no one will give a shit about except the crazy Zigi stans.

But Gigi knows this and she dreads the day no one will care about her and Khai. She knows Khai is her meal ticket, and hiding her face is the best way to keep them both relevant while Gigi gets praise for false nobility. She also enjoys that she can hold the baby over Harry’s head. That’s exactly why she posted this hours after Harry’s pap pics with Olivia stormed the internet. SHE CANNOT STAND TO SEE HARRY TRENDING. She is an insecure creep because she is aware of Harry’s history with Zayn.

It’s the exact same thing she did after the Grammys. She posted Khai’s face very intentionally to try to get people talking about her again.

Then of course used the situation to gain sympathy by pretending it was a mistake. Win-win, for her.

This is why I have been so disgusted with Zayn for so long. It’s not just that he refuses to be with Harry without the drama of females being involved, it’s the fact that he gave this raging narcissist the honor of having his child. And now she is wielding that leverage over the entire world and will never stop. Worst of all, she’s doing all she can to taunt Harry with it. These attacks are directed at him. And if you can’t see what she’s doing, then I don’t know what to say for you without insulting you.

Lastly, part of me wonders if Gigi is seeking to hide Khai’s face so desperately because there is something she doesn’t want the public to see or figure out. I think you all know what I’m talking about.

This shit show can’t get any worse from either side.

Rant over.

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