Harry Styles’ Insufferable Girlfriend Olivia Wilde Uses A Transphobic Slur

Disclaimer: Since Instagram is a weak ass bish and I have to censor myself to death in order to survive on that app, I thought I’d bring this story here because it’s worthy of note. All the dumb useless childish stans that go around reporting posts that are inconvenient for their deluded ideas of the people they stan can eat my ass. You will not silence me and your attempts to do so will not change the fact that Olivia Wilde is an insufferable human being who has done MANY reprehensible things.

In 2011 when this grown woman was 27 years old, she used a known transphobic slur to describe what she deemed to be an unfavorable makeup look. One that she sought to avoid. Wow, she’s just a peach isn’t she?

I’m younger than Olivia Wilde and growing up even I knew this to be a super offensive term. Although Harry’s fans would like to conveniently sweep this under the rug so they can preserve the fantasy of Holivia’s shitty, underhanded, unprofessional relationship, this information matters because Olivia is a sanctimonious social justice warrior and is often seen wagging her finger at others and trying to assume the moral high ground on social media. Meanwhile we continue to discover she is nothing but a two-faced fraud in need of a whopping dose of her own medicine.

I’m to the point where I genuinely cannot stand to look at this woman’s face anymore, so here’s a random picture of an adorable puppy to break up the text.

Additionally, this new and unsettling information matters because it continues to show who Olivia Wilde is at her core regardless of all the fake smiles, the social climbing, and the bullshit feminist act which she uses to fool people like Harry Styles and his mom.

I literally predicted this would happen days before it took place, and I’m sick and tired of being right about bad things. It also sickens me that Harry and his team likely encouraged Anne to do this because the rumor going around was that Anne had been shading Olivia in her IG stories. I really never thought Harry would stoop this low to sell his new lie, but here we are.

Anne Twist, Harry’s mom, made a huge mistake in following this hypocrite and showing support for Olivia in front of her large platform. Dear Anne, to whom much is given, much is required. Clearly that’s a lesson both she and her son could learn.

Although I suppose if her son is going to such great lengths to deceive everyone around him that he’s genuinely into Olivia Wilde, we can’t really expect Anne to see through the bullshit smokescreens he’s putting up and spoon-feeding her. Hopefully the truth will come to light eventually and they’ll all look like idiots, much like the parties in the Zayn vs The Hadids Debacle.

Harry really chose a keeper this time. I can’t wait to see him regret it. Watch a video on all the other distasteful things Olivia Wilde has done here:

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