Gigi and Yolanda Hadid Backpedal and Hope To “Move On” From Zayn Incident

The damage control continues.

According to ET Online, it appears Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda are seeking to “move on” from the September 29th debacle that led to allegations of Zayn “striking” Yolanda during a heated verbal altercation with her and her hired security guard after they barged into his Pennsylvania home unannounced.

Zayn later pled “no contest” to four summary charges of harassment and was ordered to severe 360 of probation (90 days for each count) and complete an anger management and domestic violence course. It’s important to note that these charges do not indicate that Zayn is guilty of any of the allegations in question. It simply means he didn’t put up a fight against the claims in an effort to dispel the situation for his daughters sake.

Read about that here:

In the aftermath of the situation being “leaked” to TMZ, it appeared Zayn had far more support than Yolanda and her team bargained for. Hashtags like #westandwithzayn quickly took precedent on Twitter and illustrated just how much the internet supported Zayn regardless of these sketchy allegations. Now it would seem Yolanda and her family are looking to backpedal, as their daring to defame the popstar booked them a one-way ticket to irrelevancy, full steam ahead.

Today ET online reports that a source says this:

Gigi and Yolanda Hadid are hoping to put the recent alleged altercation with Zayn Malik behind them. “Yolanda is upset that her situation with Zayn came to light, as is Zayn,” a source tells ET. “Gigi and Yolanda are fine and never had an issue over the incident.”

The source continues, “At the end of the day, Zayn will be in the families’ lives forever and everyone hopes one day they can all move on.”

It strikes me as funny that Gigi and her looney mom are now seeking to “move on” since their smear campaign did not go according to plan. The overarching sentiment of the general public seems to be distrust where the Hadid’s and their claims are concerned, whether those people support Zayn or not.

Now the Hadid family has seen firsthand that many onlookers simply do not believe them, and their only true support came from the press affiliates they have long since been in cahoots with, so they are now backpedaling and hoping to put the situation behind them. Meanwhile the incident and it’s subsequent media fallout will continue to impact Zayn’s character and career for years to come.

It also should not be forgotten that while trying to be the bigger person and trying to be the forgiving one in the situation, Zayn made it clear on October 28th that Yolanda Hadid and her team were out to get him. Make no mistake, Zayn wanted us to know this was a premeditated and intentional attack on his character.

When the story first broke Zayn himself asserted via Twitter that someone in the Hadid clan “leaked” the story to the press in a “divisive” and underhanded attempt to defame him, and had made “false allegations” about him striking her.

Her team also filed charges of harassment against Zayn, gifting him a criminal record, and yes that team included Gigi (Jelena) Hadid herself.

Read here about how Jelena (Gigi) switched up her tone after realizing the internet was not on her side, after going out of her way to get Zayn charged with “harassment” over a single heated phone call:

The lesson here is don’t let up. Support Zayn as much as possible across all platforms, and expose the Hadid’s for their underhanded lies and failed smear campaign. This drama will rise again, and may get even uglier the second time around. Zayn can work with that toxic, underhanded family all he wants in order to “spare” his daughter living between two single parent homes, but that doesn’t mean we have to let up on exposing them or calling out their deceitful ways.

Here is my latest video on the situation and why no one should trust anything that comes out of the Hadid Family’s mouths:

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I actually thought I lost hope in zarry but I font see any chemistry or actual love between harry and olivia and I don’t think anne really likes Olivia and right now zayn needs support after what happened with the entire Yolanda thing
But harry wore green and yellow in his concert I just don’t want to lose hope in zarry 💛💚 I couldn’t comment on the Olivia transphobic slur article for some reason so I commented here :))

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