Bella Hadid’s Friend Attacked Zayn

I know we’ve delved into this at length over on YouTube, and discovered that the guy who attacked Zayn in the early morning hours of 6/4/2021 was none other than Daniel Chetrit, Bella Hadid’s DJ bestie.

Something reeks about this situation, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet (not that I particularly want to.)

I’m bringing all this up again because there are a lot of conflicting theories revolving around this incident, from people saying it was a setup by the Hadids, to them saying this guy has blackmail on Zayn and was trying to get money out of him in the video, to them saying this guy caught Zayn with another man at the bar and that’s why he acted the way he did. Some people even believe Bella is currently mocking Zayn and the situation on IG with some of her recent posts. Pretty wild stuff, right? I just want to know what you all think at this point.

I don’t personally lean towards any theory in particular at this time. All I know is this POS DJ is Bella’s friend and he attacked Zayn very publicly. Where was the discretion? Where was the maturity or resolving things behind closed doors like adults? How did it get to the point where they were about to brawl on the streets, and Zayn took his shirt off? This dude seemed enraged, and he disrespected Zayn in front of his peers; even threatening him physically. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I simply cannot fathom what would’ve driven him to do this, other than him being drunk or there being some sort of trouble between Zayn and the Hadids behind the scenes. This guy did not do this out of the blue, there had to be a reason.

Lately I noticed everyone kept talking about this night and the theories surrounding it on the Discussion Post, so as usual I thought I would make a separate post for it so that all the latest theories and ongoing dialogue can be contained in one place. Sorry it took me so long to make a post about this, but I’ve had some things going on behind the scenes that required my attention the past few days, including this morning.

There’s no denying that this is the same him. He’s been caught red-handed, and he even set his social media accounts to private once his identity was discovered.

I’m still so shocked that it turned out to be Bella’s friend. I thought it was just a drunken stranger (which would have somewhat made sense) but this new information makes the alteration seem incredibly suspicious, and not something to be dismissed or looked past at all. .

More undeniable evidence of it being Daniel Chetrit.

Please, feel free to sound off on what you think took place this night, and what you think it means for Zayn and the Hadids going forward. We saw his damage control appearance with Gigi in the car days later, but that doesn’t mean things are magically all good again. And we know Bella is still hanging with Daniel after the altercation, so in my book that shows where her loyalties lie.

The only slight theory I have about the situation (which is still a reach) is that Bella may have been speaking ill on Zayn’s name to her friends like “oh he’s a piece of shit, he doesn’t treat her right”, and so when this guy encountered Zayn, he had preconceived notions about who Zayn was and thought it was justifiable to disrespect him or hit him the second they got into a verbal altercation (about God knows what.)

In a lot of ways, this situation reminds me (very vaguely) of the elevator video of Solange, Jay-Z, and Beyonce fighting basically around the time they found out Jay-Z had been cheating on Beyonce and Solange attacked him in defense of her sister. Idk I feel similar vibes with this situation, because Bella is involved no matter how much people try to absolve her of her role in this. She even chose to be photographed with Daniel afterwards, exhibiting no remorse.

Obviously Bella didn’t attack Zayn herself, but her good friend (who she was seen with 2 days later) did attack Zayn very violently. And it could be regarding Zarry, or it could be regarding something else. But for him to attack Zayn while being Bella’s friend, it just strikes me that he thought he was justified in doing so, almost like he felt Zayn had done something wrong to the Hadids and deserved to be beat-up. That’s just my personal feelings right now.

The DJ guy didn’t even have the notion to refrain from fighting Zayn because of who Zayn was as a celebrity, or even on behalf of the fact that Bella is essentially his sister-in-law. In a way, that illustrates for me that Zayn means nothing to Bella if her friends feel it’s ok to do this and then casually hang with her afterwards. There is a reason for that, and we must keep our eyes open for more info.

UPDATE: Bella Hadid wishing Zayn’s homophobic attacker (Daniel Chetrit) happy birthday in the most disgusting way.

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