Harry Styles – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Hey, OMG, wait, check out the merch. Disclaimer: Oh boy…JALBOYH. This song will never not hurt. I’m just plopping this in it’s own post so I can link to it for my upcoming Eleanor Calder vs Gigi Hadid post later today. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart This song has a spectacular backstory. ArianaContinue reading “Harry Styles – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”

Harry Styles Performs “To Be So Lonely” At Love On Tour | Chicago, IL

First, tongue. (Yummy…gimmie…oh fuck. No! Stop! I’m sorry.) During the first Love On Tour show in Chicago, IL on September 24th, Harry was bombarded by an army of sign-totting fans that demanded “Justice For To Be So Lonely.” Ah, brilliant. Just brilliant. Side Note: Harold, please, sir. Keep that ass under control. You can hurtContinue reading “Harry Styles Performs “To Be So Lonely” At Love On Tour | Chicago, IL”

Harry Styles Love On Tour | St. Louis, MO

Well, well, well…looks like the beard is back. And no, I don’t mean Harry has suddenly spouted an unsightly patch of facial hair. At his latest Love On Tour show in St. Louis, Missouri, Harry was accompanied by his current “girlfriend” who moronically dances to songs he’s written about former “girlfriends” while he stands thereContinue reading “Harry Styles Love On Tour | St. Louis, MO”

Zayn’s New Song – Yellow Tape (Transcript & Analysis)

PAGE ONE: INTRODUCTION PAGE TWO: TRANSCRIPT AND ANALYSIS OF “GRIMEZ” Yesterday on 9/12/2021 (cough merch drop day cough) Zayn dropped a selfie on Instagram: And then proceeded to release three new rap songs on Twitter via drop box: He later deleted the drops for some reason. You can listen to them in one track here:Continue reading “Zayn’s New Song – Yellow Tape (Transcript & Analysis)”

Harry Styles Wears Peace Ring For DTD’s Anniversary

I’m intrigued, to say the least. You’ll remember on Tuesday September 7th that Harry’s peace ring that he’s been wearing since 2013 (and which inexplicably disappeared some time late last year or early this year) made a big return during his Denver, Colorado show. Read about that here: Read about Harry’s very first Love OnContinue reading “Harry Styles Wears Peace Ring For DTD’s Anniversary”

Harry Styles Love On Tour | Las Vegas

Last night Harry performed his first show for Love On Tour at an electric MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he reportedly did not disappoint. Performer!Harry is back with a vengeance to make us all pass out, and he seems to be incorporating his lovely ink bedecked torso into his stage-wear fromContinue reading “Harry Styles Love On Tour | Las Vegas”

Bella Hadid “Besties” With Homophobe Daniel Chetrit (Zayn’s Attacker)

New Merch coming very very soon! Follow the merch accounts here for updates! Cut the shit, Bella. “Always the sweetest boy”??? The guy who physically attacks people on the streets and calls them a “faggot” without qualm??? Never apologizing for it??? Not to mention the person he attacked was in essence your fucking brother-in-law????? ItContinue reading “Bella Hadid “Besties” With Homophobe Daniel Chetrit (Zayn’s Attacker)”

Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Purchase Home

According to Vogue, Harry and Olivia have reportedly purchased or rented an LA home together. I haven’t read this article and I won’t lmao. I’m going to level with you here, I genuinely don’t care about anything they do anymore. But I wanted to be an opportunist and use this post to hit a millionContinue reading “Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Purchase Home”

“When Gigi Met Gigi”(Why God?)

Gigi Hadid’s Self-Obsession Rears To New Heights Yah, I shit you not. It has indeed climbed to new heights. Let me just say, I get that this was supposed to be lighthearted, playful, and funny (or something) but it really just comes off as her being a raging narcissist (which would of course be accurate.)Continue reading ““When Gigi Met Gigi”(Why God?)”

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