Closeted Men vs PR Ploys & Hollywood Opportunism

Let’s be clear. I want to address this because it will come up in my next video and I’m already seeing passive aggressive comments being made here in regards to Zayn being “judged” for being “closeted.” I’m getting tired of this false narrative that the few people who have openly criticized Zayn’s actions towards HarryContinue reading “Closeted Men vs PR Ploys & Hollywood Opportunism”

Harry Styles Headlines Coachella 2022 & Keeps Ticketholders Hostage

2022 is off to a rocky start for Harry Styles…morally speaking, but I’m sure his bank accounts are doing just fine, which is great, because that seems to be all he is concerned with at the moment. Well, that in addition to power and attention. Sigh, let’s get back on track, shall we? On JanuaryContinue reading “Harry Styles Headlines Coachella 2022 & Keeps Ticketholders Hostage”

Harry Styles Kissing His Heart Tattoos For Zayn (Larry Debunk)

Ah, the heart kiss heard ’round the world. From 2021, no less. All you need in order to understand that Harry is kissing his hearts and cross tattoos for Zayn is this: And this: And this: Great, now that we got that settled, let’s move on to other matters. So I was going through someContinue reading “Harry Styles Kissing His Heart Tattoos For Zayn (Larry Debunk)”

Zayn’s Dusk Till Dawn Video Is About Him Leaving One Direction (Theory)

Page One: Dusk Till Dawn vs From The Dining Table Page Two: Dusk Till Dawn Music Video Theory It didn’t take long after I discovered the earth-shattering Zarry saga (and One Direction in general) for me to dive headfirst into research and never look back (as I do with any story I become passionate about.)Continue reading “Zayn’s Dusk Till Dawn Video Is About Him Leaving One Direction (Theory)”

The Worst Thing About Larry Is….

Please fill in the blank. Let’s be honest. We’ve all had awful experiences with Larry and Larries before, whether that be the laughable content; the thousands of sock accounts they hide behind day in and day out, spamming and corroding the Information Superhighway; the superfluous use of blue and green hearts; the cringy and moronicContinue reading “The Worst Thing About Larry Is….”

Where Is Zayn? Bella Hadid Is Still A Manipulative Poser!

Following the smear campaign orchestrated by the sickening and unscrupulous Hadid clan, Zayn naturally went MIA (missing in action.) I assumed he might have been laying low until the media circus calmed down, but now I’m genuinely concerned about him. The Hadids vs Zayn drama unfolded back on October 28, 2021. Now we’re nearing oneContinue reading “Where Is Zayn? Bella Hadid Is Still A Manipulative Poser!”

Harry Styles’ Insufferable Girlfriend Olivia Wilde Uses A Transphobic Slur

In 2011 when this grown woman was 27 years old, she used a known transphobic slur to describe what she deemed to be an unfavorable makeup look. One that she sought to avoid. Wow, she’s just a peach isn’t she? I’m younger than Olivia Wilde and growing up even I knew this to be aContinue reading “Harry Styles’ Insufferable Girlfriend Olivia Wilde Uses A Transphobic Slur”

Gigi and Yolanda Hadid Backpedal and Hope To “Move On” From Zayn Incident

The damage control continues. According to ET Online, it appears Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda are seeking to “move on” from the September 29th debacle that led to allegations of Zayn “striking” Yolanda during a heated verbal altercation with her and her hired security guard after they barged into his Pennsylvania home unannounced. ZaynContinue reading “Gigi and Yolanda Hadid Backpedal and Hope To “Move On” From Zayn Incident”

Damage Control: Zayn & Gigi Hadid’s Custody Battle

New merch designs and products available now, and more to come next weekend! I find it unsettling and outrageously hypocritical that Gigi Hadid’s camp is now releasing this laughable attempt at damage control to People Magazine under the guise of a “close source.” It was crafted, no doubt, to help redeem her image as theyContinue reading “Damage Control: Zayn & Gigi Hadid’s Custody Battle”

Billy Porter Slams Harry Styles’ Vogue Cover

Disclaimer: This is a convoluted and I hope well-nuanced exploration of a difficult subject. I want to handle it with care and be fair, but I also want to be totally honest about what I feel and think, and not censor myself for the sake of political correctness. Remember, my thoughts don’t have to beContinue reading “Billy Porter Slams Harry Styles’ Vogue Cover”

Harry Styles Joins Marvel’s Eternals

According to TMZ, Harry styles is reportedly set to star in Marvel Studios’ upcoming film, Eternals, directed by Chlo√© Zhao. A journalist from Variety is apparently the one responsible for blowing the lid off of the situation when he tweeted this massive spoiler after attending the premiere today in Los Angeles, CA. Harry joins theContinue reading “Harry Styles Joins Marvel’s Eternals”

Olivia Wilde’s Feminist Fails

(Separating this into it’s own post.) Page One: Olivia Wilde’s Sketchy Friends Page Two: Fierce Feminist Fails Page Three: Meet The Krolls (But Don’t Fuck With Them, For Real) Page Four: Olivia Wilde Name-Dropped In Weinstein Allegation Olivia Wilde’s Sketchy Friends In his 2005 autobiography “Scar Tissue” the Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer unapologeticallyContinue reading “Olivia Wilde’s Feminist Fails”

Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde: Controversy, Appalling Hidden Truths, & Feminist Fails

Explore Olivia Wilde’s feminist hypocrisy, and her connections with several seedy characters that have raised questions for many. Particularly when we reevaluate her relationship with Harvey Weinstein, and how she was name-dropped in a 2015 allegation long before the 2017 Ronan Farrow expos√© was released.

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