Golden (By Harry Styles)

Zayn’s “Golden” is about departure, reassurance, and enduring love. Harry’s “Golden” is about reconciliation, need, and hope. With centerpiece songs like “Intermission: Flower” and lyrics in Zayn’s “Golden” about his love for Harry only growing, it’s clear they had unfinished business to attend to, and Harry was encouraged to pursue their relationship after the band.Continue reading “Golden (By Harry Styles)”

Bella Hadid’s Friend Attacked Zayn

I know we’ve delved into this at length over on YouTube, and discovered that the guy who attacked Zayn in the early morning hours of 6/4/2021 was none other than Daniel Chetrit, Bella Hadid’s DJ bestie. Something reeks about this situation, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet (not that I particularlyContinue reading “Bella Hadid’s Friend Attacked Zayn”

S.H.E. Harry’s Cosmetic Line

Harry’s is coming for the cosmetic and fragrance world! I’ve just heard exclusively that Alessandro Michelle (creative director of Gucci) is shocked and feels betrayed that Harry has been playing him all along, and stealing corporate intelligence to outdo him with his own line. Alessandro has since ordered that all remaining inventory of his fragranceContinue reading “S.H.E. Harry’s Cosmetic Line”

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